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EZEL: episodul 3


Ezel a inceput prin a fi urmarit fara intentia de a continua. Se dorea a fi vizionat pe parcursul unei seri. Iata ca am ajuns sa fiu la zi.

Actorii sunt convingatori, recunosc ca nu imi sunt cunoscuti in vreun film de pana acum, insa daca m-au determinat sa ma intorc la ei saptamanal, rolurile sunt convingatoare si de esenta.

In timpul sezonului doi unele personaje vor iesi din distributia obisnuita, iar altele noi vor schimba cursul multor evenimente.

Personajele sunt interpretate de:

  • Kenan İmirzalıoğlu= Ezel Bayraktar
  • Cansu Dere= Eyşan Atay
  • Yiğit Özşener = Cengiz Atay
  • Barış Falay =Ali Kırgız/Kerpeten Ali
  • Sedef Avcı =Bahar Tezcan
  • Tuncel Kurtiz =Ramiz Karaeski
  • Salih Kalyon =Serdar Tezcan: tatal lui Eysan
  • İpek Bilgin =Meliha Uçar: mama lui Omer
  • Beyazıt Gülercan =Mümtaz Uçar: tatal lui Omer
  • Kemal Uçar (Mert Uçar: fratele lui Omer
  • Bade İşçil =Şebnem Sertuna
  • Güray Kip =Kamil Çamlıca
  • Sarp Akkaya =Tefo/Tevflik
  • Utku Barış Serma =Can Atay
  • İsmail Filiz =Ömer Uçar


***“Each man kills the things he loved./Some do with a bitter look./Some with a flattering word./The coward does it with a kiss./The brave man with a sword/Some kill their love when they are young/And some when they are old/Some strange with the hand of Luts,/Some with the hand of Gold/The kindest uses a knife, because/The dead soon became cold./Some love to little, some to long,/Some do the dead with many tears/And one without a sigh.”

***“ -Do you know what Ezel mean?/ -Something that has no beginning, Ezel means no beginning.”

***“If you have known what is in my head, you would not have been here, beside you would have end up finding a new game for yourself”

***“It’s been a long time, from a different life time.”

***“There is something I want to tell you Eysan! Do you want to know how Omer died?

***“Look Mart I will tell you something, don’t tell anyone else I am dead. Look Mart, there is no me anymore, you will grow up and take care of them. There is no me anymore, do you understand? Don’t come here anymore.

***“He started to die with forgetting his hopes. Omer’s punishment was not a normal one, it was a dark and no chances!”

***“When you love someone very much, even if that person upsets you very much you would still want to cry by that person’s side. Even if he does a very scary thing to you, you still would want to calm down in that person’s arms.When you love one very much, even if that person lies to you  million times, you still want to believe in that person”

***“Such things makes human Crazy! This suffer makes human kill inside! But those didn’t kill omer! Omer’s love killed him other than his pain and everything else.”

***“Whereever you go, I will go, wherever! I burned my best friend, I dont even care Eysan! There is only you.”

***“People think love is a good thing, but love is devilus game. I would even make the devil nothing for you Eysan!”

***“Humans becomes a total different person right? You end up looking at yoursself and do things you always say you will never do! Or the opposite, you look and know you did things you thought you wouldn’t do”

***“We are still young, there are times to change things.”

***“Humans gets used to the ones they love who gets older and changes while being inside. Human gets used to their lives as well going by…human gets even used to living someone else’s dreams as well.With time human get used to everything. They get used to it…but they wont forget it.”

***“They will look inside your eyes, and they trap you!”

***“I know what I have done, doesn’t have forgiveness. Don’t forgive me, don’t forgive me, but protect my sister.I beg you to protect her, she didn’t do anything.

***“Omer killed himself for not being loved. Omer died so that he will get revenge Omer died loving you Eysan. His last breath had your name, but there is NO omer anymore. From now on its ME.My name is Ezel….

*** “Human are not as good as you think they maybe.”

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