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EZEL: episodul 4



Stiati ca interpreta     personajului Eysan din „Ezel”- Cansu Dere, este de profesie model?


***“Brother, I know this letter wont get to your hand. But you have to know something brother, you have to hear something..Me, Mart. I have a brother Omer!, he will always be my brother.I will always  be his brother ! Brother I know I wont see you again.But I will never forget you!”

***“-What do you think Cengiz? You think we will never pay back?/ -Your already making all of us pay back for that one thing…”

***“-She will get better/ -How do you know?/ -While looking at you I can see.While the people we love and stay with us, not let go off our hands,I think its possible for her to get better.”

***“This is life’s rules! No matter how far you go, you will end up returning to where you started. At the end.no matter how much you change, where you were happy, you will return back to there.No matter how much you try to quite inside of you, you will not end up doing it.Wherever you will end don’t forget, everyone will return to where they were one day.”

***“-I am fine Ali. Look on top of my there is an angel guardian for me /-As far as I know angels are invisible, but where ever we look, we see you.”

***“No one must run away from you.”

***“Sometimes I like your life:family, children, a place that I can call it home.Someone should be inside there and remind you who you are.”

***“Change is very hard! But sometimes, being the same person is even harder. Sometimes life comes right one you….”

***“Did you loved him?  Omer?/-Very much, I loved him very much. Now I am here because of him.”

***“Sometimes inside of you is pain, you think you can change the pain! sometimes life pushes you a lot nephew,It is not enough to lie to everyone now. You will forget who is front of you,from now on, even if you stay alone you wont be Omer.”

***“Yes, I have been forgotten, betrayed (cheated) and got killed what else…but nothing was that much, the most tough one was returning home.”

***“-I wont be like them. They will pay back what they did. What they did I will do the same, but I wont be like them.-There is no different between nephew.”

***”-There is a girl, Eysan sister./-Why her?/-Because she is a weak girl. She is sick, everyone is after her./-What else?-/Because Eysan is very attached to her./-More? /There isn’t anything more?/-More? She trusted human very quickly, something she is like me, meaning Omer.”

***“-To protect Ezel would you take anyone in front of yourself?-I will, if needed I will even go against Ezel too”

***“-I didn’t want to make you worry, but she was very happy.”-I want her to be happy too. Don’t think the way she look, she gets break easily.”

***“You would say it is impossible, but do you hear the water’s sound? The river  is tired, now it is left for us to walk on it.

***“Change is very hard, it is easy to look like someone else, but it is hard to act (be) someone else nephew.”

***“I couldn’t do it.I went to their home.I pointed the gun to them, but I couldn’t press it”

***“I still love her very muchNot Ezel, Omer loves her still.Omer is in anger, omer doesn’t have anything.”

***“You have a mistake nephew, they did not kill Omer, only you can kill Omer.it is time to kill Omer Ezel.”

***“If you say your ready, then you have to follow the rules.You will NOT touch a gun.Do whatever is needed but never end up inside (jail) again.You will be smart, to get what you want you will not use your weakness, you will use their weaknesses.”

***“They took everything from me, and I will take everything from them./-How?/-Slowly, slowly…/-I will look for their most weakness point of them. I will get into them , I will win their trust.I will win their hearts.”

***,I want to live. I want to be happy./ – You never know maybe good things will happen”

*** “I will do thing I wont be able to do. For example I will fall in love.”

*** “Sometimes human do things with their decisions.”

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