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EZEL: episodul 2


Am fost surprinsa sa observ ca cele mai accesate postari ale blogului sunt directionate catre articolele Ezel.
De ce are priza asa de mare acest serial la publicl? Romanii sunt cuceriti de productiile turcesti de orice fel, Ezel facand nota discordanta, cucerindu-i si pe cei carora pana acum le displaceau productiile din aceasta tara.

Eu una sunt cucerita de replici! Am mai mentionat asta, si asa  cum am promis, acum revin cu dialoguri selectate din episodul 2.Faptul ca articolele sunt vizitate, ma incurajeaza sa continui proiectul inceput:


***“Have you ever done anything that is scared and unforgiving? I did, I did a worse, I know it. One day this bad one will return to me.I know, at the end the most person who will get the punishments from what we have done are the ones we love….”

***“You know… once fathers gives their hands to their daughters, their daughters will follow them until HELL!”

***“Look, don’t cry. From now on everything will be beautiful! It will be just me and you! f! We will get in the car and we are there! From now on we wont look after anyone! Look those eyes you have! look I am writing it on here, while you have those eyes you can convince (cheat) on everyone!….”

***“I am Eysan. Can you help me? me and my father are going to Izmer, my sister is sick. We are taking to the hospital there. on the way there the carus tire exploded, my father is old and now its raining. I am sick and tired of all of  this…”

***“My father had one thing in life that he knew very well! My father knew how to convince people and use their trust! He knew how to use human trust! My father knew very well how to burn one feelings! My father knew how to make human quite like animals!  and I went down with him this way!”

***“Tell me what is family? Family is the biggest face to face. Yes…… never show your real face to anyone in life! If they learn who you really are, they will not love you! They will see you as Whore.

***“ Love is like a lie! Tell me what would you do to love? Huh? To love…?”

***“Love is a weakness, my dad would say always. Maybe he was right, if you want to start from the beginning you have to be strong!  You have to forget the ones you love.”

***“Have you ever taken the gut to start all over again? Did you ever want to change and be someone else? Believe me, I wanted it….”

***“Unfortunately everything that is good has an end.”

***“Do you think his punishment is enough with only  million? What do you think human weakness point is?”

***“I will write you, I will write you like crazy! or else I will go nuts during the time there thinking if I was dreaming if there was a real Eysan in my life or it was just a dream?”

***“-What happen?-I am scared-why are you scared? -Look if you say don’t go I wont go.-I don’t care I swear, if you say don’t go I wont./ -Whispering: don’t go… you don’t know….!”

***“Its like time has stopped, once I come back I wonder how I will find you. are you also someone else from yesterday? I am scared to return and not find the same Eysan I left.”

***“Others believe you about this, but I don’t. Beside I learned who you are, but who am i?”

***“-Look, here those two roads  are getting separated. One side is light and the other is darkness.  Now if me and you pick that road, me and you always will choose the darkness road.Why?/ -Why are we not picking the other road? There is more light./ -I don’t know, this is our way…cant we change it?/ -No, we cant change it”

***“I will go sure, sure I will go after I put many money in my pocket then I will go! Your going to live here huh? Live like this? like the woman who is inside this room? Your going to live like the Omer guy who lives on the street?”

***“I could not see my father, but I could feel he was watching me some where. I wasn’t his daughter anymore, I was someone who had to do things for him!…”

***“My love Omer, my love, I did something bad to you. I lied to you, I, I am not the person you know Omer. Eysan is not the Eysan you know. My family did NOT die in a car accident. My father is living, and I also have a younger sister. Before I came here I used to live with them, actually the Eysan you love a lot is this! I don’t know if your family will accept me this way, if you will accept me? I don’t know, the only thing I know is who ever was in your position would have done run away from me. the only thing I know is that  I wanna have a life with you, the Eysan that you love. The only thing I know is that I will love you no matter what until the end of my life. A word that you would name it LOVE …”

***“Have you ever woken up in a morning and given up on all of your dreams? Believe me I gave up…. that morning we met with my father. He didn’t even asked me what my decision was. He already knew what my decision would have been before he even asked me.”

***“-I will be rich!/ -We will be a murder man! I will be!

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