• CineCronici, Drama, Romantic

    [REVIEW] Brooklyn (2015)

    ”You’ll feel so homesick that you’ll want to die, and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from endure it. But you will, and it won’t kill you. And one day, the sun will come out you might not even notice straight away-it’ll be that faint. And then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something…

  • Noutati din lumea filmului, Stiri

    Maratonul filmelor de Oscar la Grand Cinema & More

    Maraton al celor mai apreciate filme de Oscar la Grand Cinema & More, in cadrul Festivalului Filmelor de Aur Cele mai urmarite filme ale anului 2015 se intorc pe marele ecran de la Grand Cinema & More in perioada 22 februarie – 4 martie Grand Cinema & More invita iubitorii de film sa vizioneze cele…

  • CineCronici, Drama, Recomandari

    [REVIEW]: DaKINO 24 – “Still Alice” (2014)

    „ No one asks for my opinion or advice anymore. I miss that. I used to be curious and independent and confident. I miss being sure of things. There’s no peace in being unsure of everything all the time. I miss doing everything easily. I miss being a part of what’s happening. I miss feeling…

  • Biografic, CineCronici, Drama, Romantic

    Theory of Everything/ Teoria Intregului (2014)

    „There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.” Regizor:  James Marsh Actori:  Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior, Harry Lloyd, David Thewlis, Michael Marcus, Emily Watson, Simon McBurney Gen: Romantic, Biografic, Drama Premii: 22 premii, 82…

  • Drama, Recomandari

    [REVIEW] Whiplash (2014)

    “Were you rushing or were you dragging? If you deliberately sabotage my band, I will gut you like a pig. Oh my dear God – are you one of those single tear people? You are a worthless pansy-ass who is now weeping and slobbering all over my drumset like a nine year old girl!” Regizor:…

  • Biografic, CineCronici, Drama, Razboi

    American Sniper/ Lunetistul american (2014)

    “You’re my husband, you’re the father of my children. Even when you’re here, you’re not here. I see you, I feel you, but you’re not here.” Regizor: Clint Eastwood Actori: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner, Ben Reed, Jake McDorman, Sammy Sheik, Sam Jaeger Gen: Drama, Razboi, Biografic Premii: 6 premii, 17 nominalizari (6 la Oscar) Tara: SUA Durata: 132 minute Cine ar crede…

  • Lansari filme, Stiri

    American Sniper/ Lunetistul American: premiera pe marile ecrane din Romania pe 23 ianuarie

    Regizorul Clint Eastwood aduce, din 23 ianuarie, in cinematografe „Lunetistul American”, un film cu Bradley Cooper in rolul lui Chris Kyle, cel mai eficient lunetist din istoria militara a S.U.A. Insa exista mult mai multe lucruri de descoperit despre acest soldat american, in afara de abilitatile care l-au transformat in erou. Chris Kyle, membru al…


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