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EZEL… sau o pledoarie de replici


Serialul asta m-a acaparat. Nu credeam ca voi urmari candva o productie turceasca cu atat entuziasm: nu sunt superficiala si nu am idei preconcepute, insa ceva ma impiedica sa incep vizionare oricarei productii de gen.

Povestea, scenariul, jocul actoricesc atat de bine nuantat, dar mai ales replicile profunde, sensibile, pline de insemnate si inserate exact la momentul potrivit atribuie laolalta productiei,  plusurile care infraneaza spectatorul in a renunta la vizionare.

Am sa incerc sa public, la o durata scurta de timp,  replici ale serialului, echivalentul a doua episoade difuzate de catre televiziune. Mentionez ca nu am putut face rost de subtitrarea in romana si ca va trebui sa ne multumim cu o traducere partiala in engleza.

Inainte de a reliefa maiestria scenaristlor (sursele de inspiratie in alegerea dialogului au fost remarcate din literatura universala), am sa va retin atentia cu replicile unui alt serial care a fost inspirat de nemuritoarea legenda a Contelui de Monte Cristo, productia Argentiniana din 2006(serial recompensat cu premii internationale)

Replicile de la inceput si ulterior de la sfarsit:

“-The man was not burn to be happy with less effort.I had everything A good father, a career ahead me. I had her, the woman of my life, but the happiness of one person produce strange effects to the others: wakes up the beast, the beast who sleeps inside the man. It passed a lot of time, and they think that everything remains in the past. But I have returned. I know where they are and I will have no mercy”

„-Only who has lived the worst luck can fell supreme happiness. It´s necessary to know how it feels to want to die to really appreciate how good and wonderful life is. Live, be happy. And never forget that until the day that god will reveal the true destiny of mankind, all human wisdom will be reduced in two words: trust and wait.”.

In speranta ca replicile dinainte au trezit interesul „amatorilor „, am sa prezint replicile selectate ale primului episod din Ezel:

***”Ten years from now one…I will be at home. At our home. I will be waiting for my husband. The balcony  doors  up opens. The person who is coming toward me is not Omer. Is my son, our son. He would be asking if his father arrived home….”

***”After today, there is another road for me! I have been waiting for this for years! But I am not telling anyone to go with me to this road. If you two come you will be putting your life in danger. If you come you will be stupid!”
*** „-How do I look?-Handsome, rich, and smart”
***”-Eysan, tell me the truth. Do you really love me? -….no, what is love? Everyone loves something….i don’t want to love you, you don’t know Omer. You saved me, your the only thing good happened in this life for me. your my soul. If there was no you, there would be no Eysan too.”
***”-Now there is two questions for you.  Answer those two questions. Or else don’t even open your mouth. Now. question number one  who did you do this work with? And question number two, where are the money?look you have left a woman with no husband and a girl with no father… do you see them? You have shoot the manus head during his security hour working.”
***”-Eysan T. Will you swear the you will tell the truth and no lies?/ -I will.Omer is my boyfriend-Ok, did you see him at the day this happened?/-Yes, I saw him late/ -Where was he? What was he doing?/ -He proposed to me/ -What did you say? /-I REJECTED! Lately Omer,  after returning home from his duty he became a different man. Like he was different, he was fighting a lot.  I was scared of him…/ -Eysan!/ -I woke at the hotel, he would as me questions about the casino place. What time they open? Who is by the door…things like that/ -Eysan! Eysan don’t do this! what are you doing?!/ -That night he came to me….when I rejected, he got crazy and mad. He said you will see I will be very rick. You will regret it, I would have done it after but now I will do it he said.Eysan! Esyan!Whispering: I am sorry, I am sorry Omer.”

***”I came here from far! There is still far road ahead.I don’t know how this story will end, but I know how it started.This story started with Omer!Omer had a friend who was treating him as his brother.When ever he needed, he would run for his help.His name was Ali, the street knew him well……Omer had a friend who would not separate from each other during childhood.His best friend!also there was a girl who Omer loved like crazy,who was in love and would have given his soul for her.Eysan.Omer was a good kid.But he had something missing bad.He would trust people too much.Just because he was loving them.He thought he knows them well.”
***”If I could return to the past I would have said so.I would have said “ Omer every thing starts with love…”
***”They took everything from me. my family, my friends…they took all my life. But I still think of her.”
***”What is this my God?  My God…  what a big punishment this is! but no more faults, no more faults….”
***” Omer never got out of there again. The murders who blamed Omer planned a great life for themselves.  But they have not calculated one thing.Revenge is stronger than death.
***””My name is Ezel. Where Omer  story ended, mine will start”

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