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*** “While you were looking for sweets to get, I was sending devils with no shoes to his home!”

*** “There is one Ali who deserves to die and there is the other Ali uncle. This man did brotherhood to me. He didn’t just touch my soul, he did to my pride as well. There is one Ali uncle, I never told you about that Ali. There is one Ali uncle, but there is the other.”

*** “If I do, I will end up in jail./ You are already in jail, your strength keys are with me.”

*** “Tell me! Who ever I touch falls apart. Tell me that the revenge in my head is making everyone who I love apart from me!”

*** “No matter what you do, this man is not on our side. Why? Because there is blood on his hands, like Ali. I have seen man like him a lot. You have memorized everything but if you leave him alone he will not be like you, but like Ali.”

*** „All of us, in separate way run away from things we cannot reach to. This time we have hope. This time we will save it.”

*** “We didn’t get scared of anything. We took every chance, but always turning and looking behind ourselves. We saw the things in front of us very late. All of us, while saying we are not running from the things we run to, we found ourselves in middle of that end.”

*** “Am I a bad person aunt? I am like my father too right? Did  I love anyone in my life?/  Didn’t you? I know you did./  Shall I say something aunt? Maybe changing was an excuse. Maybe I did this to Omer to kill the goodness inside me..”

*** “What is this dishonored man still saying huh? What is he saying? He says love is a weakness and that is the game’s rules. He says the ones who loves you are your victims (sacrifice).He says you will kill the love.”

*** “Love means to go against the inevitable ending at the last minute, But loving with the knowledge of that end… loving like you are closing your eyes for the last time…means being captivated in that love.”

***“It’s destiny./ I though you didn’t believe in destiny./  I didn’t believe when human makes destiny happen ,but I do believe it when it happens like this…/ What about the past? Were they destiny too? Or was in our hands?/ No, only the things can’t happen are in our hands.”

*** “I know you only for a few days.Why it’s like I have knowing you since always? Why when something happens, I want you to come and make me feel better? Why do I know your hands so well? Why do I want to look at those hands far and hug them?”

*** “What is better on him? Everything… His eyes smiles, are the opposite of yours. He looks like a negative person but he has a clean heart. Whatever you are not, he is that! He turns the world upside down for the people he loves.”

*** “I will ask you something but you don’t be angry at me. They are nothing for us right? Meaning after a few months we will laugh of them at home right?/  I don’t know. I am waiting for a phone call Sebnam. When it rings I know what news it will give me. I am badly praying it wont ring./ Why?/ Because I don’t know when this phone rings if we will lose or win.”

*** “He says lies but he keeps it quiet and doesn’t talk.”

*** “We opened the poison around them. Now is their turn to take decision.”

*** “Uncle how will I pay you this back?/ That day will come too nephew. That day when Ezel tells you to shoot, you shoot. If he says die, you will die, ok?”

*** “We thought we lived everything but look, there are still things we haven’t done.”

*** “On the way, I counted  reasons for me not to come. but while counting the reasons I noticed how much I wanted to come.”

*** “Who are you? Tell me something so that I will hate you./  If you hate, do you think it would change./ No I don’t want too…did we come cross each other in different life?”

*** “Eysan. Don’t say it, don’t say my name. Don’t say that name, it is like someone else is calling this name./ Who is calling?/  Who are you?/ I am no one…I am no one. I have a name but I am no one.”

*** “Let it everyone’s soul to burn We say we should never have done this and we will swear and curse this day./ Let it do it starting now. I curse this day!”

*** “One day when I was inside (jail) I saw a kid there. The kid was upset, like the world has falling down on him. One day I went to him, I said “child why are you so upset?” He looked at me and said “uncle, uncle they killed me”. I told myself I should make him feel better, I said child, in here either everyone is dead or they killed himself already. Then he raised his head and looked at me he said the reason is not death uncle. Do you know what was the reason? What was it? The reason was dying on the most beautiful day, the day when you set dreams. The reason is this. It is when you know a person as being a friend and dying by his hand, the man you trust the most! This is what the child told me! Now do you understand who is that child with you ?”

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