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    Ezel: episodul 14

    REPLICI SELECTATE EPISODUL 14 ***”My most beautiful day has three men. One is you, the other one is him and the third one is the other. The other two are my enemies…. but when it comes to you…. when it comes to you, you write and I read. Even if you are my enemy, I…

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    Ezel: episodul 13

    REPLICI SELECTATE EPISODUL 13: *** “While you were looking for sweets to get, I was sending devils with no shoes to his home!” *** “There is one Ali who deserves to die and there is the other Ali uncle. This man did brotherhood to me. He didn’t just touch my soul, he did to my…

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    EZEL: episodul 6

    Serialul “Ezel” are la baza romanul “The Count of Monte Cristo”, insa se indeparteaza cu mult de subiectul romanului. Este adevarat ca asemanarile sunt doar in punctul de plecare, actiunea desfasurandu-se ulterior diferit. In prezent a ajuns la episodul 54 (episoadele difuzate in Romania sunt fragmentate-  doua episoade sunt aproximativ echivalentul unuia). Primul sezon numara…


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