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***“Once upon a time, there were two men. One of them did a very bad thing to the other. At the end both ended up alone. From those, one was good and one was bad. One poor, the other rich. One will live, the other will die. Who ever this story is, it will be this way.”

***“ The first day when they gave me you, I didn’t look… I said that  I don’t need to look, because this man has killed a soul. This man is moving his eyes, because he regrets. I said this man shot someone he loved very much. .I said this man will not  betray me, because this man is me…”

***“A man like me and you, either we shoot our own head or someone else. / I will not success the first one, if  I don’t do the second one.”

***“My soul is also left with one bullet., but I am not going to use it for Bahar, I wont use it to love her. That bullet  address is toward someone else.!”

***“Even if it is once in your live, you should ask yourself: What do I want? “

***“You want to play with humans. First your show you’re amazing and after you back off! You are not doing this only once, you are doing it continuously. First you hold hands and after you let humans walk away alone”

***“Once a upon a time, there were two men. Either other’s friend, each other’s enemy. One of them stabbed like a dagger to the other one night. That man one day, with the loneliness inside of him, swore to find the other and show that loneliness to him as well.”

***”I will take her from his hands slowly, slowly..I will take everything on my grave. He will have no one left. He will be left alone.”

“Loneliness is not just being alone! A man who cannot bare himself in the mirror is alone! A man who runs away without solving his problem is alone! But everyone around doesn’t want to be alone, they want someone to burn the other by themselves. The person who will think he doesn’t deserve to be loved is alone!”

***“If love is someone’s destiny, it is not being alone, but staying with the ones they hate at the end.”

***“You are the only man that cannot get over me. You are the only man who sees my true face and still stays with me.”

***“ Love is something like pain. It comes and goes. When it comes you will be shocked and when it’s gone then you will get over it.”

***“Do you know why I am here then? Because I love to laugh with you. Even if it is the worse thing, I like how you make me laugh”

***“I loved how you could not leave. You are not my love,  but something. You are bad, but I am bad as well. When I hold you, you are dirty but its ok. My hands are not cleaner than yours. You are my valley, because you don’t go, and I am not going.”

***“To want something, sometimes you need to give up the most precious thing in your life.”

***“This is nothing yet, they will regret it, they will fall apart, they will beg! It will be worse than death.”

***“Loneliness is not just being apart from each other, it is when there is no goodbye. Whatever dream you dream of, do it. In every story the end stops it. This is loneliness. Sometimes loneliness is not darkness, it is more than that. Loneliness is not just turning your back, it is letting go the things inside.”

***“I left you alone son! That day doesn’t go away in front of my eyes. While they took you to that car, you turned and looked at me but I didn’t tell you anything.. I hided my words in my mouth.”

***“I am not just going against you. I am going in between you and your enemies.”

***“I cannot miss my mom or dad !I cannot hug them! I cannot wonder for my brother! I cannot love them! I cannot love anyone! I need to hate! Leave me alone to hate!”

***“While you are on your own, can you be yourself like you are with me?/  How?/ Strong, like you can do anything.”

***“Your neck with my taste, we will burn many souls right?”

***“You like red wine, a little cold. You don’t like drinking it fast, you like it drinking it slowly. You like it when its from France ,you like it while holding the glass…/Ali brother how do you know this?/ After, she likes to stay at the table, she likes food. When she gets upset her face gets mad right away. When she is tired, her eyes close slowly.”

***“From now on your words will be in this home?/ From now on, I am the judge of the house!/ From now on you are on top of everything? Now you are ready for everything?”

***“You are in love, but this is not making you a good person. You do bad things to people, I cannot be with you because you are bad. /I will leave it, I will ask for forgiveness./ What about the things you did before? Where ever you go, they will come after you. Do you want them to follow me too?”

***“Don’t make your decision right away, because for yourself staying alone, Is to leave the one you love alone.”

***“Two friends, there is no solution, they will fight. Two enemies, will reunite together.”

***“This girl loves him. While I was looking inside her eyes she asked for him.”

***“If they are together they will protect each other. But if they are on their own their soul is gone.”

***“Is this a lie too? Because this monster water only whispers one name in your ears, because that monster patiently waits for the water to move, because loneliness is not just being yourself alone.”


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