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EZEL: episodul 11



*** “Each morning ,always sounds in my head the same question: whom am I going to trust today?”

*** “What happen to me, where did I go? I was never like this./ How were you then? It is like I am dead and they are living. Am I angry ?No, I am not. My heart is broken? Yes, it is. Why am I not her? Why I am not there?”

*** “Shame, is the only think cannot be heard. Shame is the enemy with no pain. Shame is the biggest curse. At the end shame, is stronger than love and death. Shame, standing at it’ s place will burn everything down. One by one, it will hurt your soul. At the end shame, will make you pity.”

*** “I miss my sister. I miss talking to her and knowing her every day better.But do you know what I miss the most? Her laughs…  it’s been such a long time not hearing her voice laughing.Go look at the mirror, you’re a copy of my sister with no color. You’re just walking so that the Old Eysan won’ t notice. So that your eyes won’t sparkle like before, is that why you don’t look into our eyes sister?”

*** “You listened to my words and went. But you missed me so much, you came here. One day you dreamed of me, here, now, right ?”

*** “I learned how to fight by your side. I learned how to be a gentleman by your side. I learned sitting in front someone’s  eyes, even if I am scared or shamed. .I learned to tell the truth from you! Tell me… Did you do it? Did you sell me?”

*** “One day no one will be left by your side! And that day, that day even if I die I will find you! Even if I die, I will hold you!”

*** “Didn’t you hear the kid? What did he say? Tell me. I want to hear it too…./ .He cursed me!”

*** “Right now millions of women are learning that they are been cheated on. Right at this moment. There are  million males too. When the male is being cheated on, he will look for revenge.”

*** “Omer will find you! He will shoot one on your head./ .Let him shoot, so that I will be saved and you are too.”

*** “You are tired I know it. You are tired of fighting, your hands hurt from holding on to life. I understand you want to leave it, everyone is giving you hope. But you have been tired the most from hoping.”

*** “The Eysan I know doesn’t give up easily. The Eysan I know is getting ready for her turn./ But the Eysan you knew, didn’t she betray you? Maybe you don’t know her as much as you think you do.”

*** “Shoot their head now, kill them all later.”

*** “Tefo me and you are the solider of money. We are the man who live for others and goes for the death of others. When will they give up?”

*** “My name is Ali.Karpetan Ali,I was a automobile fixer. Then became rich ,because I killed a man. Because I sold a brother. Is there more to this? Whatever I have done, I did it while knowing it. I wanted more, everything! I got more than anything. I don’t get scared of hell or anyone else. Whatever I have done, I did it to myself. Don’t say one day I will regret it, doing one bad thing I did my signature. I thought I sold myself.”

*** “When ever you call I will be by your side Bahar. Even if you don’t want me, I will be there, You will get better Bahar, promise.”

*** “Why are you drinking it then? If I don’t drink it, it would be forgotten ”

*** “Do you know what I used to do when I was upset?/ What?/ I had a secret place, inside my head. I would have gone there. There, no one says anything to me. No one is upsetting me. I am there because I am happy. Whoever I love is there, and whoever I don’t love is not there./Am I there?/ You are not there. / Why?/ Because you are forbidden.”

*** “How are you Ali brother?/  I am good. How are you?/  Thank you, I am dead….I want to ask you something./ Ask of course!/ Why did you kill me, Ali brother? I understood the others, but you? You were my Ali brother. You always protected me from everything, didn’t you?/ I did. You were my brother is there more?/  How you murdered me Ali when I didn’t do anything? Why did you kill me, why?”

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