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EZEL: episodul 10



*** “Fidelity is taking the soul of the one you love and letting it go. Fidelity is either running to someone or running from someone. Fidelity is being blind from loving. The thing you always run from it, sooner or later it will come to you. Before you swear think about it once more ,because what starts with fidelity, everything will end with betrayal.”

*** “Mr. Ali such man if they don’t want to be found they will do anything they can to do so./Dear Tefo, such man if they want to be found they will be found!”

*** “At this place where you see no significance, I see something that will stop it.”

*** “They are not happy because of me Sebnam. They are happy because they will be using me! But first they will feel sorry for each other.”

*** “Take this look out of your face. Go live for me too./ Aunt I am scared. Now I am not sure what to be scared of…”

*** “How would I say it? That I killed your son but watch your grandson well?/ What if one day you end up with no choice and had to tell? Beside isn’ t that what you’re scared of? Isn’t that the day you’re waiting for?”

*** “Your missing me. Can’t I miss you too?”

*** “Fine don’t tell me, look we will play a game with you. I will ask you questions and you just answer them with moving your head. This way shows you didn’t tell me anything”

*** “The time is coming nephew. Soon I will be calling you to myself .When I call you, will you come to me?”

*** “Is fidelity staying as secret? Quietness? Fidelity is like death. With preparedness it can’t be. Once you crossed the line, there is no returning. Whatever hopes they give you, life goes by continuously. But is doing bad thing  like this? It’s always on top of human.. Promises gives, promises end up being forgotten. One day will come the person who betrayed will want fidelity. Fidelity cannot be given like charity. “

*** “In my time, a man would do what they wanted on the street brother./ That is why, there is no one left in your times. We cleaned all of them/ .There is me left brother, there is me./ No uncle, you have  a mistake, you are gone too. Only your story is left.”

*** “I am not the men who would forget you! Look inside my eyes Ramiz! Do you understand what kind of man am I?/ I don’t know brother. I don’t know what comes out from a fruit without peeling it!”

*** “He was going to give it to me on my When he would do something, or give me something, my son’s eyes would sparkle. He would not have said anything, I could just hear it. He would say is that good enough for you dad? Are you proud of me now”

*** “Like him, his eyes sparked. Destiny, he wanted to give it to his son too one day.”

*** “Was it a mistake giving it to him? He was my son, my blood, my soul!/ No, you did the right thing. Wouldn’t Omer wanted the same thing?”

*** “Don’t forget Eysan even being blind she will see things they couldn’t see before.”

*** “There is no more patient. No more tears left from the house, Please come home Omer./ Wait for me mom, don’t cute your hopes from me, I will come.”

*** “You know how there are women ,who looks deep inside your eyes. If you keep looking they will get you or else you will get poisoned by it.”

*** “You know how you touch everyone’ life and one day we may look and you have left.”

*** “When I look at you I get hopes./ What is bad about the hopes?/ It raises you up, then fall down and one side will get break.”

*** “This life is like an ocean….”

*** “A time will come where he will be showing what I maybe doing wrong.”

*** “He may not say anything because of pride ,but I will understand him from his eyes.”

***“Who are you man?/ I am a man who has everything but nothing to lose!”

*** “What was left of Omer for me to tell you about brother?”

*** “If Omer was here now brother he would not have stopped .He would have taken you in front of himself, he would have taken the bullet in my place. Omer’s weakness was his fidelity .He was a fidelity like a dog to the people he loved …because of that he died in jail like a dog top.”

*** “It is not enough taking a soul! Give a order to  finish the job! You know it, but if you give order or not today here this man will die! But don’t forget if you give the order you will understand and know who I am. But if you don’t then I will understand who you are.”

*** “You’re playing my game without me knowing it uncle!/ Because there are pieces you cannot play.”

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