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EZEL: episodul 9



Stiati ca initial pentru interpretarea personajului Ezel, fusese solicitata prezenta unui alt actor turc: Murat Han (foto stanga)? Acesta a fost nevoit sa renunte la interpretarea acestui personaj ca urmare  conflictelor de planificare orară.



***“If the place switches around what would happen?  What would they do to you? Now your rich, you have power, what can they do to you?/  In justice’s eyes, they are still innocent but I am the one who is in fault and in jail”

***“We are playing with fire here. Some proves needs to be in my hands so that I can blame them, but there is not.”

***“I always think that if I will fall asleep I won’t wake up tomorrow. Do you know what I would have done? Set up alarms, one in every half an hour. When I would wake up, I would have been very happy knowing I lived for another half  hour. I don’t want to set that clock anymore ……/ When you get tired don’t  give up, I will be your clock.”

***“You are wrong about me too….I am not like them, I am like you.”

***“They are bad, they are like snake! You don’t know how to be like them.”

***“Mart, you know in this world nothing will separate you from me including Eysan! Do you understand? Nothing!/   It won’t be the same though/  Like what?/  Like when I sleep like this alone I have nightmares. But when I turn I see you there in bed, so you know there is you!/  My brother I am always there, if I am at the other place of the world you call I will come for you./ Even when I grow up?/ You will be in your s and I will still be carrying you. You will tell me go, but I wont.”

***“Follow him; you will be his shadow today!/ You?/  I won’t leave them alone, until we pass the danger. I wont breath comfortably./  What if the danger doesn’t pass?/ Today I am the danger not them”

***“Strange…. the people who are the most importance ones in our lives we don’t have their picture at all. For example I don’t remember my mother at all.”

***“Fight is not actually a fight. A fight is a fight when it’s fought until the end. That is why then you turn back. You will think nothing happened the day before….Because winning at the end is only winning for one day.”

***“Why are you keep coming? Why?/  Because you promised/  What?/  Wherever I would be when I called you would come. I am here now brother, I am calling./  Mart…./ I am calling brother, why aren’t you coming? Brother you said it too when I would grow up, you would still protect me. Without you can’t happen brother, I cannot grow without you.”

***“Don’t be hard on your friends and close to your enemies.”

***“Gun is always here nephew always, only you won’t hold it./ So the solution is placing a gun on his head and shoot?/ I didn’t say to shoot anyone nephew, but the possibility needs to be think. Or else we will get tighten/ Then why did you tell me and wait uncle?/ We “

***“In the morning you were saying  that the ones who knows your real name are the ones who are your owners …now they have learned the name uncle.”

***“Now is the turn to prepare you. If.you don’t have time anymore to postpone it…hug very tight to the people you love.”

***“ Everything is fine because the hardest one is when making a decision. Picking the guess is the most one.”

***“For that reason when you speak to me untruthfully I won’t just get upset I will be hurt.. I will fall apart, and if you lie to me I will get blind again.”

***“You don’t see it already that is why you don’t see my brother’s existence./ What are you saying?/ I am looking for him everywhere mom. In this room, while eating breakfast, while walking on the street! I am looking for my brother everywhere! It’s been  years mom.  years! I am old but still looking for my brother!”

***“Once they heard your voice, the lies will get longer. Once you head to that road there is no chance, the people you love will stay alone “

***“What ever happens outside stays outside, it won’t be talked about it inside (jail).For eight years the water me and your brother drink was the same. Our every minute was together. Everyday he was with me when he couldn’t be with you nephew. One day his leg broke, because he laughed so much that the guards hit him.”

***“Did he ever talk about me? Or he forgot about me? Did my brother give up on me? /Your brother for one day, one hour, one moment he didn’t forget you.”

***“My dear brother, I didn’t forget my promise .I love you more than anything in this world, more than anything. My dear brother I am trying to protect you, I was trying to protect you from bad things. I didn’t do it, I am innocent. The people who I thought were my friends did it! I swear to you I will find it out, I will get out of here. I will come to you, I swear Mart. We will be together again, you, mom and dad! My brother, my dear brother. If you’re gotten this letter, this means that I didn’t had the courage to give it to you myself. My brother, for such long I have always hided the truth inside of me, but the most I did hided to you. I was more a shame from you; I hurt you the most Mart. My brother don’t be mad at anyone, don’t blame anyone, be made at me also be made at me. I left you; I left you before coming here. I did it brother, everything is true. I did the robbery, I killed a man. I am guilty, I had to say this long ago, but I didn’t have the courage. I wanted you to remember me not this way, like before .I did things that I don’t even know who I am anymore. I want one last thing from you Mart, kill me I beg you! Kill me that day, the day before the robbery, kill me the night before that. The rest is all lies, the rest are all bad. Remember me always as the Omer you knew, there is no me anymore brother. Kill me.”

***“If fighting is not enough to protect your loved ones, the most darkness chance would be killing what they (he) love. To save the ones you love, the worse possibility and last road would be betraying them (him).”

***“You’re road is still long nephew, very long. If I forgive everything, everything after doing this to Mart I cannot forgive that one uncle.”

***“Let’s see for them to protect themselves who they will point at with their gun. Let’s see what kind of secrets will fall apart…”

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