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***”My most beautiful day has three men. One is you, the other one is him and the third one is the other. The other two are my enemies…. but when it comes to you…. when it comes to you, you write and I read. Even if you are my enemy, I am still scared. What a disappointment, we have many days together. Yours, mine our beautiful days…when it comes to you, you are selling those days. “

***”Don’t forget :the sin is written on your  grave. Do whatever you do but it’s still a sin “

***”Do you know how I went through without Omer? I came here everyday sitting and crying. I did it this way. The child who they said is dead d was still by my side this way. “

***”I am sleeping like someone is hugging me in my dreams, but when I open there is no one Then I think its for real but it isn’t./ If you just know who the person is trust me you will not  want to deal with her. “

***”My aunt died because of us! Because of me, because I betrayed my Do you understand me? I don’t want you, because wanting you will kill the ones I love.  “

***”You are not mad at that, you are running away from something else./ What are you saying? When you kissed me did you care about the world? “

***”Regret, blaming yourself, everything is a story. The feeling you have, will always bring you here to me. Why? Why Ezel? Because that thing, that thing is stronger than both of us Eysan. That thing is stronger than death “

***”First lets go in between them!/ What is the plan?/ Plan Tefo? For now is not to die!

***”Dad, why you never came to see me?/ Did I do something?/ No son, you didn’t do it.I did I camea to a point not looking at you or your mother’s face. Before I come home ,I said I should so something so different so that Mehmet would be proud of me./ Did you do it? Is that why you are like this?/ No son, I wanted you to be proud of me but I couldn’t do it. Did you do bad things again?/ Yes, do you know why? If you cannot stop bad things, then it is still a fault like your doing it to yourself. I have been in the wrong road/ .Return then dad. Come home now. I will return home son. Maybe I didn’t do anything to be proud of ,but I owed something and closed it. “

***”You know how we are leaving this man right now while he is crying? Somehow one day he will be a treble for us in the future. “

***”Can human lose everything in one day? I lost it. I was too good for this world, this is how it was. One day someone came and saw the chance, then took everything. “

***”First sin is not the same as the ones after. As you hide it, it will grow inside you. Even when you pay it back, it is still big… Because you will not pay back only your first sin As long as you run from someone, the other always pays back… first sin will be with you until hell. Doing good things is good, and that part is in all of us. “

***”Do we have to be bad because something bad happened to us? “

***”No, you don’t want to let go off yourself. You cannot do it here and  that is why you want to go. “

***”Sins hides in their shadow (shame).Because some sins only works under darkness….Sins hides under quietness. Because those sins are the quietness. “

***”Do you know what it’s like to leave all of these stuff behind and still not knowing who you are? I have an idea.I told myself I will start everything all over again. Do you know how hard it is? “

***”You can repeat the same sin  more times, but if your sin is to kill the one you love, the punishment is killing that person over and over again. “

***”Don’t run towards to the first sin you made for no reason because that person will go to the ones you love and will knock on your door. “

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