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EZEL: episodul 6


Serialul „Ezel” are la baza romanul „The Count of Monte Cristo”, insa se indeparteaza cu mult de subiectul romanului. Este adevarat ca asemanarile sunt doar in punctul de plecare, actiunea desfasurandu-se ulterior diferit. In prezent a ajuns la episodul 54 (episoadele difuzate in Romania sunt fragmentate-  doua episoade sunt aproximativ echivalentul unuia). Primul sezon numara 33 episoade, cel de-al doilea nefind inca finalizat, filmandu-se in continuare.

Printre locatiile preferate de producatori: Istanbul, Bafra (district in provincia Samsun -Turcia), partea nordica a Ciprului, Dubrovnik (oras din Croatia), Croatia.


***“Have you ever woken up in one morning and wanted the dreams you gave up once? I did, but I have forgotten, in every dream’s door a nightmare waits…”

***“Still I should not have brought her, lately I make sudden decisions…..sudden decisions are good, they come from the heart.”

***“What are you hiding from me? I will understand it/Isn’t enough what we have hidden from everyone already?”

*** “This is what I was talking about, I said lets not forget it, because what ever we have now will be blamed on the person we have hidden./ I don’t think so. I think its the most beautiful thing in this world, because its the only thing that has holden us together.”

*** “Its getting used to things right? Both of us are not giving up on things we are used to it.”

***“Sometimes you want to continue your life where you left off, but one hand holds you. You know who that person is but you cannot return back. You can’t hold the hand, you can’t look at the face. Because of that, as you walk away that person takes you to the dark side. You cannot go ahead.”

*** “Yesterday morning I went to Omer’s grave./ Why?/  WHY?! Why are you still going after the past Eysan?/ Because the past is keep coming back in front of me that is why!/  Isn’t coming back in front of you?/ I am not letting, I don’t look at that side!”

*** “Every time I look at you, it reminds me of what we did to Omer.”

***“There is only me left, if I get far from you then what will happen?Are you going to be someone else? You will not be.”

*** “What is your biggest dream?/ You want the truth?/ No, tell us the lie.”

*** “You don’t tell anyone?/ What?/ Whatever is in your head./ Here is nothing to tell./  There is always something to tell, of course when you find the right person. I am more careful now. even if I find it, I wont believe.”

***“ Human is jealous. Fate is blind. I think everyone deserves another chance”

***“Make your first step, the rest will come it self.”

*** “Your life is not just yours. All of our lives is attached to your shoulder.”

*** “ I made my decision uncle, if you want to be apart from this you know better./ Enough, don’t throw words to me. We are not playing words right? I have called you nephew, but you are my son! Son!”

***“You acted very soon, you didn’t want for the rocks to sit on its place. You placed yourself in the middle too much.”

*** “I am asking; one day to win your biggest game, will you place everything you woe on the table?/  I will even place my soul.”

***“Have you ever lost while knowing it?/ Yes, have you ever wined while not deserved?/ when you win, it means you deserve it partner.”

***“After what happened, I headed to the road to make the world upside down, but the opposite happened daughter. The world made your dad upside down. The father you had who would do everything gave up!”

*** “So that is it? because of that I was left out with no father? While I was young I would wait for you…for days no money, no life. Nothing. But when you used to come you would have been my hero.”

*** “I lied, I am my father’s daughter: sometimes to live you have to kill”

*** “ Omer, was someone else, he was too much for this life”

***“I would have said Omer! Omer go from here! Go leave everything! Leave your family, leave your fence, before everyone leave me! leave me! press the gas and go from here my brother, here is like a poison brother! Don’t stop here for two minute, and leave.”

***“Today I saw someone I never wanted to see./ Someone that you don’t love?/  Someone that I love, meaning it was like that in the past .This is the problem. Does it happen to you too?/  What? Dealing with the past?/  Yes./ It’s like no one sees me anymore, its like whatever I say now no one hears me. Sometimes I feel like I am just a thought.”

*** “I want new things to happen. I want new things to happen in life like what? I don’t know, I want someone.I want to laugh. Can you believe it, I have forgot to laugh”

*** “I am sick of being alone./ Look we can solve that right now./  How?/ Now wherever you are sitting stand up, stand up. Then walking toward up… come on, on the street get in a taxi, do something that I cant do: you will go straight home, hug your son, hug him strong and never let him go.”

*** “This is the life, one day is dark and the next day we are on the street”

***“Have you ever felt that one morning waking up and feeling your dreams are getting even longer? I felt it. One day, coming cross of something by death, a father you never had , who only you holded inside of you, one day returning to the house you belong and never thought you would, the thing that killed you but still love! Hugging that person and knowing what you will give up still.”

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