• Drama, Razboi, Recomandari, Romantic

    Venuto al Mondo/ Twice Born (2012)


    „The weirdest love stories are always the best. This, right here, this is the spot you know.This is where everything comes from, where everything’s born.It’s our destiny, you know. The river of life” Regizor: Sergio Castellitto Actori: Emile Hirsch, Penélope Cruz, Mira Furlan, Saadet Aksoy, Sergio Castellitto, Adnan Haskovic Gen: Romantic| Razboi| Drama Premii: doua …

  • Drama, Recomandari, SF, Thriller

    The Road (2009)


    “The clocks stopped at one seventeen one morning. Within a year there were fires on the ridges and deranged chanting. By day the dead impaled on spikes along the road. Each day is more gray than the one before. Each night is darker – beyond darkness. The world gets colder week by weeks as the…

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