• Aventura, CineCronici, Drama, Fantastic

    Hercules (2014)

    „ Who are you? Are you a murderer? Are you a mercenary who turns his back on the innocent? We believe in you! We have faith in you! Remember the deeds you have performed, the labors you have overcome! Are you only the legend, or are you truth behind the legend? Now, tell me, WHO…

  • Biografic, CineCronici, Comedie, Drama

    Hyde Park on Hudson (2013)

    “That spring Franklin  showed me a world I never knew existed.” Regizor: Roger Michell Actori: Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams, Samuel West, Elizabeth Marvel, Olivia Colman Gen: Comedie, Drama, Biografic Premii: un premiu si doua nominalizari Tara : SUA Durata: 94 minute Vita nobila si secretele de culise din spatele vietii regale au devenit tolba…

  • Drama, Istoric, Recomandari, Romantic

    W.E. (2011)

    “ Pain under the ribs. Under the heart. The struggle between it and the brain, to gain the upper hand. The brain trying continuously to rationalize. To mend. To save the situation. The pain clawing and tearing like a bird of prey.” Regizor: Madonna Actori: Abbie Cornish, James D’Arcy, Andrea Riseborough, Oscar Isaac, Richard Coyle,…