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EZEL: episodul 8


Sedef Avci, interpreta personajului Bahar din Ezel s-a născut la 22 ianuarie 1982 in Malatya Turcia. Este de profesie  model. Ea a castigat Elite Model Look Turcia în 1997 si a reprezentat Turcia la Miss Univers la competitia din 2001.In prezent, este căsătorită cu Kıvanç Kasabalı(actor). A devenit cunoscuta odata cu rolul din succesul „Menekse si Halil” (36 episoade 2007-2008).


***”A man travels through the colorfol world. There’s neither rich nor poor,there’s no atheist or believer. He does’t love not a single truth and doesn’t know any law. He is brave and sad. Who is this man in this colorfol world?

***”Leaving is not a pleasant thing, but do you know what is worse? Not knowing the reason.”

***”If she will be with me, her heart  breaks./ Why?/ Because you know how I said, before I was in love with someone./ Are you still in love with her?/ Not, the opposite. I hate her so much that if I hurt Bahar, its like I will hurt her./ are you aware of what scary thing you just said?

***”You have made me hang on to myself, but the pieces are not holing together anymore uncle./ If you don’t want to break then you don’t leave yourself like this.”

***”Why did they do it uncle? Why? nothing is fixing this suffer ….”

***”She kills me there and after  comes to make me feel better here.”

***”You are the only one who can get Omer’s right!/  To get his rights do I kill Omer every day? I am a human being too uncle!/  I know that, that is why I am here. You’ re like my own blood./ This is the matter uncle, you say I should erase my past but I don’t want to erase that past of mine. I have a mother there, my brother, he turned his back on me but still I have a father!”

***”Now you have putted everyone in danger. If you stop the birds will get your smell. If you stop the birds will stop chatting between themselves and come back to you. If they see who you are, such thing doesn’t stop like that. They don’t come to you first, they come to the people you love first.”

***”Look at the ones downstairs. Everything is small, I was one of them too. I have to go down partner./ Why?/  I needed something that was there. I thought I closed it and that was it, but I hadn’t. Downstairs there is a dead man. He has holding me and not letting go. I have to go down and make it happen./  The man is already dead, how will you do it?/  If needed I will kill again.”

***”It’s not the time nephew, let them call you with whatever name they want to call you. If they call you and you go, there is no returning.”

***”Everything is a story, isn’tit?  Me, you and destiny! The rest is nothing”

***”Do I know what happen to the person who shot my father? I know it! They putted him in jail, a place like this! You know how every year you celebrate new years ever with your mother and father? I celebrate it here! Ask how do I celebrate? I run from here! I go to the street! After like this, I bring it to my head, if that person is alive, what would I do? If he has kids what would I do to them? What would I do if he has siblings?”

***”Ezel, hear my voice. If once you end up being betrayed, as they remember they will put you inside. As you remember you want to forgive nephew. Because forgiving means forgetting.”

***”Shall I tell you something partner? We are alone, alone. No matter how much you go after someone, you will stay being alone more.”

***”Your words can make a difference…. say something!”

***”She doesn’t have to say anything, but sometimes she looks at me in a way that…. Like I have taken something from her that is very precious and hided and not telling her the place.”

***”You have taken everything down, there is no return. If you return there you will burn you!”

***”Now its too late…. now even if you want to leave you cannot leave. Not having a remedy, something inside of you still, again you will live the first day from the beginning. Maybe this time they will protect you. Maybe this time they wont lie to you. If they take you to their side, maybe this time they won’t dagger behind you again!”

***”Returning to the past is different  and erasing the past is different. Once you end up going back to time, the water’ way won’t change the road.Don’t forget, if you return back to that day for thousand times, they will betray you still thousand times.”

***”Did you find the answer you were looking for by yourself?/ I did uncle, but not by myself. Some friends helped me, You were telling me that Omer died but reminded me of him/  You remembered it what happened nephew?/ I remembered what they did to him and I remembered what I have to do./ Now you understand it right nephew?/ Saying you are Ezel is not just for one day, its everyday like a rod going cross of Omer inside of you.”


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