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Cansu Dere  s-a născut pe 14 octombrie 1980 in  Ankara si este o actrita de film turcesc şi model. Ea a absolvit Departamentul de Arheologie de la Universitatea din Istanbul.

A fost selectata  al doilea runner-up pentru Miss Turcia în 2000, si s-a calificat pentru a reprezenta Turcia la concursul Miss Univers, dar a fost împiedicata să ia parte de guvernul turc, deoarece concursul a avut loc în partea grecească din Nicosia.  Ea a apărut în spectacole de moda si reclame in Turcia. Debutul in televiziune este datat in 2003, intr-o serie pentru televiziune.


***“Those men…. what is the worse thing they did to me Kamil? Tell me./  They betrayed you./  Yes, but what is the worse?/  They put you in jail, they killed you./   This is what I was thinking too, I said they did the worse and now its my turn. But they have keeped the worse to the end: that woman! that woman she did bad thing to me .”

***“Look at this door very well Kamil, she will come through this door inside! With her own feet, plus she will come and leaves what she loves! Cengiz is not enough!  You know how she is hiding everything from  Bahar, she will betray her sister and come to this DOOR!”

***“You take their mind, their fate, but not their opinion.”

***“Where is it?/  What?/  His love, show it, where is it? I don’t see it./  You don’t remember it Mart? Here you two used to sleep, in each other’s arms. You know how you used to get scared? He would take you to “

***“What are we celebrating for?/ To old Cengiz, and to the future one./  But I loved old Cengiz./  You were about to bring luck to the old Cengiz/  Maybe I will bring it to the new”

***“Why did you change it?/ I had to either change my perfume or my boyfriend… ”

***“What do I have?/  You have a heart/  Omer’s heart is gone, they made it into pieces. They made it into nothing./ They took everything but not that one.  Don’t take it out because of Eysan/   Why  I could take it out Kamil? Enough I don’t want it anymore…. how many times does a heart break?”

***“What kind of person are you man? Even in the picture you are at the end.”

***“ You look from inside, that is enough for me.They made me like themselves mom.”

***“You know before when you and Omer used to play and stuff, well every time I see Can I remember him. He is like someone but not you!”

***“Eysan, don’t do that./  Why?/ If you know it, you tell me./ Why?/ Because I want to hear it from you. Tell, say that we are bad! Say we are bad!/ Aren’t we?/  Tell you don’t want to bring one to this world like us!”

***“I have done bad things in life, but when they tell me bad, it means they never loves me. Loving someone doesn’t mean loving other things less? Loving someone means throwing someone else in the fire.”

***“Once is she looks at you and says take me back , don’t take son!”

***“You are dead my son! What are you going to do with a pretty flower girl? Huh? I calculated everything.I have forgotten one thing…you cannot convince dead people! Now what is left?”

***“ You didn’t turn out to be someone I thought./ Is that bad?/ Bad, because if this continues I will fall in love with you./ And is that bad?/ Very much, I am scared..I am scared I will leave you on the road (meaning if she dies).I am scared if I will hurt you.”

***“Don’t think I don’t know how this work will end Omer? I know it. This game started in grave, and it will end in grave. Because dead people always stay as good ones. Or else you can be doing bad thing any moment. Because I know it from my self Omer, someone in love doesn’t fall down because of their love, it’s because of the temper (anger).Wher ever I go, at the end my anger comes down only in her arms….. because of that I know how this work is ended my brother. “

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